Early LifeEdit

Spiritspear spent the majority of his life under the alias "Dread Claw," the fearsome pirate captain of the Purrsuasion. As a pirate, he would often board other vessels, steal everything of value, and sink the ship itself. However, Spiritspear was always the last to go through the ships, because he had a keen eye for things other people thought were worthless.

In fact, Spiritspear could fashion a few "worthless" things into something very useful. The ability to do this came naturally to him, and he would spend hours in the captain's quarters working on inventions. His crowning glory, however, is his Thunder Cannon. Attached to his back and nearly as big as he is, the Thunder Cannon deals massive damage. Spiritspear never parts with it.

Later LifeEdit

Now very old (near 60), Spiritspear is aware he will die soon. He doesn't have any regrets - he welcomes death, and considers himself lucky to have lived this long in such a dangerous purrfession. However, he wants to live life to the fullest before he dies, including getting as much adventure into these old bones as he can.