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"Solphosyne, emm.. se bringer of music!"
"Dont mind the titles, they change on'th hour."
"Sats cause I am never se person as before!
— Solphosyne (and Rhohazar) introducing himself



Early LifeEdit

His parents were powerful conjures, teaching him, mostly in infernal, how to do what the deities Please and how a pact with them is the strongest weapon to have Sully tries to make a pact with any deity and fails Sully, upset with himself, runs off Sully, on his journey of hunger and loneliness, gets picked up by a Traveling performers They treat him like family, teach him to play instruments and to sing and dance Eventually, the group had to have Sully go a different way, since Sully was a tiefling and therefore not allowed in bars or even some towns Sully then denounces the gods for putting him through this Sully stumbles upon a cheesy book about heroes, love, and shallow beauty Sully names himself Solphosyne, the main female character of this book Sully dedicates his life to the books' teachings of being an honorable fighter, but since he doesn't speak common well he confuses the rules He goes on the quest to make his race beautiful again Pays Rho to be a bodyguard to find something that could revert his race back to elves As they search, they become friends

Meeting RhohazarEdit

The Southern SlayerEdit

Civil WarEdit