"Free magic is the best magic. Especially when it's mine."
— Inglesin (Civil War)

Birth and Early LifeEdit

Inglesin Orikian (438 — ) was born to an elven father and a human mother. He showed great magical aptitude at a young age, and a very interesting command over nature. His father helped him to develop these gifts, hoping that one day, he would be able to bring Inglesin to the elves and have him trained as a gentle, nature-loving druid.

Travel to SilverspireEdit

When Inglesin was reaching adolescence, his father took him on a journey to Silverspire, the hidden capital of the elves. The elves, however, inflamed by the fact that he took a human wife and revolted that he'd bring a half-breed to the elven kingdom, savagely beat Ingelsin's father and left him for dead. Inglesin looked for help, but the elves ignored him, refusing to acknowledge his existence. Eventually a kind squirrel came by and transformed into an elven druid, who magically healed Inglesin's father but hastily ushered them out of the city with a warning to not come back.

Refusal of Elvish Heritage and Nature MagicEdit

Ever since his disastrous trip to Silverspire, Inglesin refused to acknowledge the elven half of his heritage, insisting that he is fully human. He also refused to study nature further, preferring to learn arcana. When his human childhood friend Felyda joined the Knights as a fighter, he joined the Knights' Sorcerer Academy to study, to the dismay of his parents. Finding it too slow, he would avoid classes to journey to the library, and as he learned more, he began using magic to enter the restricted areas of the library undetected.

Forming the PactEdit

​In the restricted areas of the library, Inglesin learned about three powerful Patrons he could make a deal with for power - the Good Archfey, the Neutral Great Old One, or the Evil Fiend. Believing the Fiend to be the most powerful, and certain of his ability to avoid corruption into Evil, he made a Pact with the Fiend and received a Tome of Ancient Secrets.

Friendship with FelydaEdit

​Felyda is the only member of the Knights to know that Inglesin is a warlock, and not a sorcerer. She keeps his secret out of a mutual feeling of trust between them. This trust is also the reason Inglesin allows her to use her pet name for him, "Inge," a name he prohibits anyone else from using.