Early LifeEdit

Hallie Jewkes was born in Suhold.

The Two-Tailed FoxEdit

Hallie worked at a very high-class and prestigious brothel, The Two-Tailed Fox, as a hostess. While not as promiscuous as the girls that were responsible for all the 'business' happening at the brothel, she grew appreciative of their openness with their sexuality, and also grew attached to them emotionally. Hallie considered it her job to look after her coworkers, and to protect them from the more shady patrons of the brothel. Eventually, however, Hallie grew restless. She loved working at the brothel, but it didn't seem like a grand legacy to leave behind. 

Civil WarEdit

Hallie decided that once the church had left the city, she would follow suit. She had been a religious person her entire life, and had grown a fondness for the people of the church. Deciding that the church would be the safest group of people to travel with, she left her position as hostess at The Two-Tailed Fox to a trusted coworker, someone she that she knew would take care of "her girls." Now Hallie Jewkes is on the look out for grandure in any of it's forms. She wants some stories to tell when she eventually returns home.