Childhood and Early LifeEdit

Sora grew up in the black dragonborn clan, and spent her early life relatively sheltered from adversity. In the clan, she served as one of the hunters, and spent her time in the forest, hunting game and gathering food. When not out foraging, she studied under the tutelage of her mentor, and learned the basics of close combat.

Sent Away from the ClanEdit

Kalen, a skilled black dragonborn artisan, had made a prosperous jewelry trade, and needed someone to escort the goods to the town of Neverwinter to the northwest. Sora, having close combat experience, volunteered, and took the shipment safely to Neverwinter. Inside the city, Sora was awed at the City Core's beautiful experience, but on her way through the Beggar's Nest, she was horrified to see the conditions people lived in. Seeing recruitment posters for the Lord's Alliance, Sora immediately felt compelled to join.

Refusal and Formation of the Neverwinter GuardEdit

Sora was prevented from joining the Lord's Alliance because of her race (the Lord's Alliance is a human coalition). Dejected, she meandered the streets, unwilling to pass back through the Beggar's Nest and see the people (she felt) she had failed. In one of the city's many alleyways, she was approached by an old male elf, Darius, who offered her the chance to form a military organization of her own. Emboldened by the offer, Sora joined him and, with the help of others, created the Neverwinter Guard, and promoted herself to the rank of Defender of Neverwinter.