Cardessa is very short, even for gnomes, at 3'0". She has piercing blue eyes and fiery red hair, as well as bright freckles.


Cardessa is shy and prefers to not be the center of attention. While soft-spoken, Cardessa is determined and will stop at nothing to save an innocent life. Her sister's untimely death drove her to take up the mantle of cleric, and she's been travelling the world ever since, healing and saving everyone she possibly can.

Early LifeEdit

Born in 451 BL, Cardessa lived a calm and happy life with her older sister Nissa (450 – 469) and her supportive parents, Garbo and Breena. When Nissa died at the hands of Elemental Evil cultists, however, Cardessa's world was shattered. Grieving, Cardessa swore to never allow anyone else to die, and entered the faith of Sune, goddess of love and beauty.

Young AdulthoodEdit

Over the years that followed, Cardessa was in the silent background of many world shaking events. She blessed a Cambion against the teachings of her faith, and that Cambion became a massive figure of power. She secretly funded a private military corporation that set out to do good, and she rescued many a dying traveler in his hour of need. Cardessa prefers to do good as anonymously as possible, but she's the opposite of asocial – she enjoys the presence of others and forms emotional bonds quickly that run much deeper than others'. As an ally, she's also a friend, willing to lay down her life to help those she travels with.