Caleb was born to a succubus mother by a human father. She fled with him as soon as he was born, wanting him to avoid growing up in a society of succubi and incubi. Eventually, she was convinced the only way to keep him safe from succubi that would want to claim him and priests that would want to banish him would be to make him as human as possible. She found a gnomish cleric who saw only the best in people, and eventually, the succubus convinced her to bless Caleb. This blessing masked his fiendish nature. After that, his mother left him at a church door in Sulhold, and was never seen again.

Early Life and RevelationEdit

Caleb was taken in by the head priest of that church and christened Caleb, or "faithful". He matured very devout and true to his faith, loving all things divine or of the light. Eventually, he became assistant to the (now blind) head priest and oversaw many religious services. One of these was to wash a sacred metal shrine. When Caleb went to wash it, it severely burned him, and the pain of the divinity forced his infernal nature to show through. Horns grew from his head and his eyes turned red while his skin tone took on a paleish green. Seeing his true nature, and knowing a fair bit about the hellish Cambion from his religious services, he vowed to keep his heritage hidden from all at the church. He learned to control his powers, practicing every night and seeing no one but the head priest, and eventually used his shapeshifting abilities to regain his human form. When the head priest passed, Caleb naturally took the mantle.

Secret LifeEdit

The people of Sulhold know Caleb as their kindly head priest that always helps those in need, but they don't know that at night, Caleb uses his extraordinary abilities to find out and exorcise other Cambion to prevent them from inflicting harm. 

Caleb in his demon hunting gear

Civil WarEdit

Knowing he couldn't fight in the war between the Knights and Paladins without revealing his true form, Caleb focused his efforts on getting refugees out of the city as quickly as possible.