Avi is the son of Gavil Rordrucks, Head of the Rordrucks family's Saavilian Estate. The Rordrucks are a major commerce family who handle much of the trading between dwarves and humans including crops, ores, armor, weaponry, and animal sales. None of this ever interested Avi however. The things people do didn't interest him, it's why they did it that was intriguing. He used his family's money to study psychology for some time before beginning to travel and learn more about people. He's been to many places and observed many things and likes to tell stories about them. However, he is prone to glorifying them a bit or even making them up entirely. One day in his travels he met a man who believed that there was an underlying source to all of life's action. he called it energy and spread his word of understanding the world in his hometown but was scorned. Avi asked the man to teach him of this power but the man was frustrated and angry so he turned Avi away. Not being used to being denied knowledge he stubbornly decided he would study it himself and overcome the spiteful man.