Early LifeEdit

A cruel, hulking red dragonborn, Armorn grew up alone, never knowing his parents. He despised the idea of friendship, and stayed to the wild, hunting game with his claws and teeth. As he grew, so did his quarry, from bunnies to deer to elk to travelers that would enter the forest and never be seen again. Humans, elves, fellow dragonborn - Armorn killed and ate them all.

Swearing the Oath of ConquestEdit

Eventually, Armorn's killing was noticed, and paladins of the Protection Oath entered the forest with the intent to slay him. Armorn hid, escaping notice. However, after the Protection paladins left, a lone human paladin of the Conquest Oath approached him with an offer - swear fealty and know power. Armorn accepted, and has been a Hell Knight ever since.